Ten Challenges for Power Over Emotional Eating!

Do you ever feel like, despite your best intentions to make good choices about food, there is an insatiable monster inside you that you just can’t tame? Do you start eating, and then can’t stop? Can you blow through half a box of OREO’s before you even realize what’s happening?

EE challenge 1
look familiar?

Two things I want to say to you:

Number one, you are not alone!

Number two, there is hope!!

Here’s how I know: because I have been there. Ohhhh, I have soooooooo been there! For sooooooo long! And then I found a way out. And I want to share the perspective and skills I’ve gained, because I don’t want anyone to continue feeling the way out-of-control emotional eating makes you feel!

Through Labor Day, you can download my eBook “Ten Challenges for Power Over Emotional Eating: A Self-Paced Guide to Heal your Relationship with Food” for FREE!

Don’t wait another day to end the pain! Get the eBook today!!

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