Three Stage One-on-One Health Coaching for Weight Loss!


A 3-stage health coaching package, designed to help you quit dieting AND lose weight! One-on-one, personalized setting with an Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate!


In this health coaching package, you will work with Brynna Haddock, a health coach certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in a personalized, one-on-one setting!

The three stages have been specifically designed to move you along step-by-step through the process of quitting diets for weight loss that LASTS!


By quitting diets, you immediately eliminate an entire category of overeating: eating in response to restriction and deprivation! In this stage, binges calm and often disappear. You will learn to bring your primitive brain and your advanced brain into greater harmony. This quiets your inner turmoil about food, laying the foundation for you to address the emotional reasons you eat without physical hunger!


You will look at the different types of emotional eating, and find the ones most challenging for YOU! You will create a practical, hands-on plan to overcome your personal triggers for continued emotional healing.

In addition, you will set specific goals for engaging in a life you love! By having other outlets for your emotions, and productive ways to fill your needs, food will become less of an emotional crutch for you!

This paves the way for you to create new habits and behaviors with food in stage 3 that will facilitate further weight loss!


Although the last stage of the process is called “lose weight,” it doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight before reaching this point! In fact, stages 1 and 2 both contain powerful strategies that lead to weight loss.

However, in this stage you will learn specific habits and behaviors with food consistent with your weight loss goals. With the emotional healing you accomplished in stages 1 and 2, these choices will feel freeing, NOT restricting. You will learn how to listen to your body’s hunger and satisfaction signals and respond appropriately. This allows you to engage with ANY food in ANY situation in a healthy manner!

Lastly, you will create a personalized exercise program that you love!

And, as these skills become an integral part of your behavior, the weight will STAY OFF.

Still Wondering??

Still wondering why on earth would you hire a health coach? Perhaps you feel like you know what to do, but you just don’t do it. Do you really need one more person telling you what you already know, and just increasing your anxiety and guilt surrounding your health and weight?!?

Here's the thing. Dieting Sucks. But so does being heavier than you want to be! If you've resigned yourself to one to avoid the other, my Three-Stage Health Coaching is for you. Weight loss without dieting is possible!

Or maybe you have NO IDEA what to do, but you’re sure whatever it is, it will be way to overwhelming for you to make the required changes!

Or you feel you’ve tried EVERYTHING, and NOTHING has ever worked for you long term. Why would this be any different??

Because we are going to start right where you are, TODAY. And I am NOT going to tell you just to cut sugar and eat more greens! If all you needed were a few more quinoa recipes to reach your goals, you’d be there already. I mean, c’mon, we all have Google and Pinterest!

Real Support for Real Change that LASTS!

Instead, my approach allows all foods at all times. Yes, you read that correctly! With permission to eat anything you want, we can begin to heal and completely change your relationship with food. With those pesky “dieting rules” out of the way, we can DIG DEEP to find the real reasons you keep trying to solve your problems with Doritos!

Here's the thing. Dieting Sucks. But so does being heavier than you want to be! If you've resigned yourself to one to avoid the other, my Three-Stage Health Coaching is for you. Weight loss without dieting is possible!

We will go through a very specific process across three stages to address your over eating. And I will support you every step of the way! No matter where you are or where you’ve been, I am ready to start right there with you and help you move toward your goals! I will help you be accountable, but also help you adjust your goals so they are completely realistic and manageable!

Health Coaching Structure

Your payment is for 12 weeks of coaching. During this time you will receive:

  • Six 30-minute private coaching phone/video calls where you learn skills and set goals
  • Daily check-ins for your target goal, keeping your focused and accountable
  • “Warm”-line service: if you need extra support, I’m here for you (almost!) anytime

I can’t wait to work with you to help you find the success you deserve as you quit diets, love life and ultimately lose the weight!!

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Still not sure? Schedule your FREE 20-minute Emotional Eating Analysis to see just how health coaching can benefit YOU!

Or take my Emotional Eating Challenge!

2 reviews for Three Stage One-on-One Health Coaching for Weight Loss!

  1. Brynna

    Before I worked with Brynna, my life was consumed by losing and gaining the same 40 lbs over and over again. I was stuck in what felt like a life long restrict-binge-cycle. I knew I couldn’t go back to dieting, counting calories or any of the other plans I had tried.

    While working with Brynna I gained the confidence that I can reach my goals without a strict plan. Listening to my body has been so much easier than I thought. Brynna gave me the guidance I needed and was able to lead me through the whole process. I liked that she got straight to the point during our coaching sessions without wasting any precious time.

    I am looking forward to leading a binge free life and to fit in a smaller size without dieting. Freedom from food has been the best motivation ever.

  2. Brynna

    After working with Brynna, I am able to truly enjoy food maybe for the first time since I was a young child. She was able to teach me how to control my emotional eating by focusing on listening to my body. Now I look forward to eating out and going to parties because I am not stressed about stuffing or denying myself. Best of all, her coaching has enabled me to pass healthy eating attitudes to my four daughters.

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