Book Group!

I love my neighborhood book group. Not only do I read things I might not have chosen otherwise, I get together with my friends once a month to talk and eat good food! I always look forward to this night. We are pretty low-key: you are not required to read the book to join us (as long as you don’t mind spoilers!) Everyone is welcome to join the friendship and fun. These posts are just my quick recap of our discussions and what stood out to us the most for each book we’ve read. They aren’t meant to be serious reviews or recommendations. This is just a part of my life that I love and I wanted to share here on my blog!

April, 2016: “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio

May, 2016: “Arabella” by Georgette Heyer

And a few Grown-up book reports, too!

“Intuitive Eating” by Tribole and Resch

“Ditching Diets” by Gillian Riley 

“Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too” by Josie Spinardi


Book-O (like Bingo!): A Simple Reading Incentive for Kids

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