My Story

My dieting days! Sometimes painful, sometimes humorous; always honest and real. It makes where I am now–at a healthy weight without dieting–all the better!


A health coach's story of how she began compulsive dieting, starting with an eating disorder as a teenager. The path she took to ultimate healing.

Part 1: Compulsive Dieting: My Path to Misery

Dieting Rock Bottom: a miserable place with a surprising lesson! A health coach's story and path to recovery from compulsive dieting

Part 2: My Descent to Dieting Rock Bottom and the Surprising Beauty I Found There

After hitting dieting rock bottom, I declared I would NEVER DIET AGAIN! How that became the critical first step in healing my relationship with food!

Part 3: NEVER DIET AGAIN! My Boundaries and Declarations with Food


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Heavy, But Happy: How to Live a Good Life at Any Weight!


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The Critical First Step to End Binging and Heal Your Relationship with Food!

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The Story Behind “Maximize The Experience!”

While I was growing up, my dad had a mantra he lived by: Maximize the Experience. If you’re going to do something, make it as wonderful as you can, and make it last as long as possible!

He especially loved opening gifts! He figured he’d waited so long for his birthday or Father’s Day or Christmas, he didn’t want to rush through it. We’d watch him gently shake the present, hold it up to his ear or smell, making obviously incorrect guesses about what it was. As kids, we would always laugh when he’d guess there was a basketball in a box the size of a wallet! Until he’d finally open the gift. To him, the whole process was wonderful, not just the gift itself.

My dad, opening gifts, about 1990.

He also liked to pull out this phrase during road trips when we kids would ask, “How much longer ’til we get there??”

“Maximize the Experience!” he’d respond. “Enjoy every bit of the journey!” Of course, we hated that answer. But it’s the only one he ever gave us!

Me (green shirt) and my sibs, taking a quick roadside break during one of our many family road trips!

My Dieting Days

Somehow, in my decades of weight struggles and my messy relationship with food, I lost sight of these philosophies I’d loved as a child. You can probably relate. Dieting and obsessing about food can suck the joy out of pretty much EVERYTHING! The only thing that seemed to be maximized in my life was pain, and my journey was anything but hopeful! Dieting and obsessing about food had taken over. Scroll up for more details about this part of my story!

The Transformation to Naturally Slim

Then, I learned a skill set that set me on a path of healing. Implementing these skills allowed me to quit dieting, create a healthy relationship with food, and find a life I genuinely love living. The best part is that I didn’t follow the conventional dieting wisdom of the day. Not even close! But it worked.

I went from a stay-at-home mom of 5 kids who struggled with weight issues for over 20 years, who now easily wears a size 2/4, without counting calories, measuring, eliminating carbs, or stepping on a scale.

My before and after

Skeptical? I would be, too. But if you’re tired of the same old answers of skipping the chocolate and spending more time in the gym in order to take better care of your health and manage your weight, stick around.

You are not going to hear what you’ve heard before, but maybe that’s the beginning of getting somewhere you’ve never been before….naturally slim.

My transformation brought me so much joy and peace, I became a health coach. I want to share what I found with YOU!

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