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Hey, there! I’m Brynna, and I’m a certified health coach. Welcome to my blog!


While I was growing up, my dad had a mantra he lived by: Maximize the Experience. If you’re going to do something, make it as wonderful as you can, and make it last as long as possible!

One application of this philosophy my dad really got into was gift opening. He figured he’d waited so long for his birthday or Father’s Day or Christmas, he didn’t want to rush through it. So, he’d draw it out as long as possible: gently shaking the present, holding it up to his ear or smelling it, making obviously incorrect guesses about what it was (as kids, we would always laugh when he’d guess there was a basketball in a box the size of a wallet!), savoring every moment of delicious anticipation. Until he’d finally open the gift. And he always loved it. To him, the whole process was so fun and wonderful, not just the gift itself.

dad-gift-blog-pic-1My dad, circa 1990. I know it’s not the best shot (maybe he really DID think this tie was a basketball!) but he always made it fun. 

He also liked to pull out this phrase during road trips when we kids would ask, “How much longer?”

“Maximize the Experience!” he’d respond. “Enjoy every bit of the journey!” Of course, we hated that answer. But it’s the only one he ever gave us!

road-trip-blog-picMe (green shirt) and my sibs, taking a quick roadside break during one of our many family road trips! 

Somehow, in my decades of weight struggles and my messy relationship with food, I lost sight of these philosophies I’d loved as a child. You can probably relate. Dieting and obsessing about food suck the joy out of pretty much EVERYTHING! The only thing that seemed to be maximized in my life was pain, and my journey was anything but hopeful! Dieting and obsessing about food had taken over.

Then, I learned a skill set that set me on a path of healing. Implementing these skills allowed me to quit dieting, create a healthy relationship with food, and find a life I genuinely love living. My transformation brought me so much joy and peace, I became a health coach. I want to share what I found with YOU!

You deserve healing, peace, and sanity with food! You are worth the time and energy to implement new skills! Your life can be free from dieting misery!

I help my clients maximize their life experience and truly enjoy the process of changing their behavior and relationship with food. It’s awesome to witness people heal and learn be so much happier and hopeful on their journeys! And it can happen for YOU, too!

So, look around the blog for a while! There’s a little of everything: the skills I’ve learned, and all the fun things I do with my life now that I no longer obsess about food and dieting.

And when you’re ready to get the maximum from your life, I am here to support you on a fabulous journey!

March, 2016

Maximize the Experience: Quit Diets. Love Life. Lose Weight.

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